How to clean mushrooms?

Cleaning mushrooms was a tedious task for me before. There are many instructions available on the internet to clean the mushrooms most of which are confusing. Some say you should never wash mushrooms as they absorb water. Some do not suggest to peel the outer skin. A few people say it is fine to wash the mushrooms and wipe them with a kitchen towel. It was difficult to choose the right method. Here is what I do now to clean them.

  • Do not soak the mushrooms in water.
  • If the mushrooms are clean and white, rinse them in water and pat them dry. Cut the end of the stalk before using.
  • If the mushrooms are soiled, peel the outer skin. Wipe the stalk with a clean wet cloth and cut the end of the stalk before using. I peel the outer skin as shown below. Turn the mushroom upside down and start peeling from where the stalk begins.

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