15 Useful tips to reduce LPG consumption

As the number of subsidised domestic LPG cylinders is limited, here are some useful tips to help you use it efficiently and minimize the fuel consumption. Most of you might be familiar with many of these points but this will be useful for the beginners.

1. Keep all the items for cooking ready. You are wasting the fuel if you search for things after switching on the stove.
2. Wipe the vessels dry before keeping it on the stove. If it takes 1 minute to dry a wet pan over the flame and if this happens 5 times a day, the fuel required to burn for 5 minutes is wasted! If this happens everyday, fuel required to keep the flame on for 2 1/2 hours is wasted in a month! This is indeed a significant figure.
3. Bring the refrigerated foods to room temperature before heating so that the fuel required to bring the cold food to room temperature would be saved.

4. Cover and cook as much as possible so that the food gets cooked faster by the steam inside.
5. Soak the rice and dhal before cooking so that they take less time to cook.
6. Use clean vessels to cook. Unclean vessels increase the fuel consumption by 10%.
7. Pressure cook as far as possible.
8. Do not use big pans to cook food in smaller quantity. Use the right sized pans. Ensure that your pan covers the flame.
9. Adjust the flame according to your need. Don’t cook in high flame always.

10. Use the right amount of water because fuel is wasted in heating the excess water.
11. Get the burners, regulator and pipe serviced regularly.
12. Food burns and sticks to a copper bottom pan quickly because of the high heat produced by it. But these copper bottomed cookwares can be used to heat water or reheat food as it heats soon.
13. Try to cook as many items as possible in a pressure cooker at the same time. But do not dump many food inside.
14. The flame should be blue or colourless. If it is yellow in colour, it means that incomplete burning is taking place. It also indicates that it is time to get your burners serviced.
15. Switch off just a few seconds before the dish is done. The heat of the cooked food and the pan is enough to cook the rest.

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