Benefits of eating food on a Banana Leaf

If it is a special occasion in India, especially in the southern states, food is traditionally served on banana leaves. Eating food on a clean green banana leaf is a custom that is followed even today. Tip of the leaf should be at the left of the one who is eating. It is cleaned by sprinkling water and then the food is served.

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Forgot to soak tamarind for cooking? Don’t worry! Microwave tamarind and water for 30 sec – 1 min. Now you are set to go!

Tips for making Poori


  1.  Add 1 tsp rava and ½ tsp sugar to the wheat flour to get puffy pooris.
  2.  Don’t use more water to knead. Too much oil will be absorbed if the water content is more. The dough should be thicker than chappathi dough.
  3. Use oil instead of wheat flour to roll out the pooris so that your oil remains clean without any residue after frying.
  4. Oil should be hot while frying. If you drop a tiny piece of dough, it should come up soon. That is the right time to start frying the pooris. If the temperature of the oil is less, more oil will be absorbed. If the temperature is too high, pooris will turn brown.
  5. Apply oil over the leftover dough before storing in the refrigerator to avoid them from turning dry and black.
  6. At hotels, pooris are made with maida. Some people mix maida and wheat flour in equal proportions. But my choice for a healthy breakfast is using only wheat flour.

To cut tomatoes into thin and round slices for garnishing, put them into the freezer for sometime and then cut using a sharp knife.

Know Your Millets

Millet is considered to be highly nutritious and has remained a major staple food in cooking since time immemorial. Here is a list of some commonly used millets and their translation in Tamil, Hindi & Telugu.Know Your Millets