Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Soups are something that I can have almost everyday. I guess I should have got this affinity for soups from my dad who loves soup more than any other food. Both of us can have any number of bowls of homemade soup and enjoy every sip of the fresh flavor. This creamy sweet corn soup is perfect for any occasion. It gets the rich and creamy taste from milk. The mild sweet taste and silky texture of this soup are sure to be a hit with kids. Serve this with a salad and bread toast for a wholesome meal.

Friends…Think twice before you take a pack of ready-made soup mixes from the super market. If you think they are good for your health as they are soups(???!!!), I am sorry to tell that you are wrong. These corn starch and additives loaded products with hidden sources of MSG can in no way be compared to the soups stirred up with fresh produce.

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Cabbage Thoran Recipe | Kerala Style Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe

Cabbage thoran is one of the dishes in the traditional kerala sadya spread. This is a dry side dish that is loaded with the flavor of coconut and tastes absolutely good. I have come across many recipes for this and finally settled on this recipe. This has earned many fans in our home. You can use beans, carrot, unripe jackfruit or spinach instead of cabbage. Even cauliflower tasted good when prepared like this. Give this a try and you will be definitely satisfied.

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Tomato & Potato Face Pack for Skin lightening

A pack that removes the tan and lightens the dark spots. This can be applied once or twice a week.

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Refrigerate the serving bowls before serving the icecream so that the icecream doesn’t melt fast.


Matar Mushroom Recipe

This is unquestionably one of the best accompaniments to rotis. White button mushrooms and fresh green peas are simmered gently in an onion tomato gravy. I cook mushrooms at least once in a week as they are an excellent source of B Vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and B5. Serve with fluffy rotis and don’t forget to whip up some raita. Raita balances the spicy hot curry and keeps your tummy cool. You are definitely going to end up burping in satisfaction.

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Cashew Pulao Recipe

This cashew pulao is a good example of how a delicious food can be prepared without tons of ingredients. It was truly yummy with a lovely mild aroma. Accompanied by a gravy, this can make an awesome meal for guests. I served it with Matar Mushroom. Prepare it at least one hour before serving and keep the pressure cooker closed for the flavors to blend well.

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Easy Garlic Bread Recipe

Do your kids demand garlic bread often? Are you a garlic bread lover? Then this post will put up a smile on your face. Forget about oven and baking. This is a very simple recipe using the regular bread slices. Why should we waste money when we can get this ready in just ten minutes? Even before the order reaches your doorsteps, your kids would have finished everything on the plate. Go and get started 🙂

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