Vendaikkai Pachadi | Ladies Finger Pachadi | Okra Pachadi

A super delicious semi-gravy preparation of ladies finger that is usually served in a typical tamil wedding lunch.

Have you tried this Ladies Finger Pachadi? If not please get some fresh and tender ladies finger as I don’t want you to miss this super delicious dish. This is something different and yummy that is usually served in a typical tamil wedding lunch. Make sure to maintain a good balance in taste as we are going to use tamarind as well as tomato. The flavor of tomato and tamarind should be mild and not very sour. Too much of them spoils the taste of the dish. Using fresh and tender vegetables is also important to get the expected taste. We usually serve this with steamed rice, dal and rasam at home. According to me, my mom makes the best vendaikkai pachadi and here is her recipe.

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Don’t throw the lemon peels after squeezing out the juice. Put one peel in the water of the pressure cooker base. The inner parts of the cooker will shine bright!

Spices lose their flavor when exposed to heat & light. To retain their flavor, store in an airtight container and keep in a cool & dark place, preferably in a refrigerator.

Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili Recipe | Cluster Beans Paruppu Usili Recipe

A healthy combination of cluster beans and dal, this traditional dish of Tamilnadu is usually served with mor kuzhambhu or vatral kuzhambhu.

Paruppu Usili is a traditional dish of Tamilnadu. This dish has an interesting texture and is generally served with Mor Kuzhambhu or Vatral Kuzhambhu. It is usually prepared with Cluster Beans (Kothavarangai) or French Beans or Vazhai Poo (Plantain Flower). The boiled vegetables are mixed with coarsely ground dal that is either steamed or sauteed in oil. I usually steam the dal for paruppu usili as steaming is healthy and the food is light. You can also saute the mixture in oil but the ground dal will consume more oil. Let us learn how to make kothavarangai paruppu usili in this post.

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Know Your Food #1 : Ready-made Soup Mixes

It is getting colder with each passing day. It is that time of the year to stir up some soup to keep ourselves warm. Would you like to sip a hot bowl of soup now? If yes, take your pick here…

Fresh, healthy and nutritious vegetables – boiled, pureed and simmered with spices available at home.
Refined Wheat Flour, Dried Glucose Syrup, Acidity Regulator – 330, Acidity Regulator – 296, Flavour Enhancers – 627 & 631, Dehydrated Vegetables, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein – mixed with water and boiled.

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New! – Know Your Food Series

We are living in a fast-paced world where we don’t have time to eat or sleep. There is a drastic change in our eating habits over the past few decades. We are familiar with the features and configuration of the electronic gadgets that we use everyday. But not many of us know about the food that we eat everyday. Is it not worthy enough to receive that attention? Adulterated and unhealthy food that has entered into our food system are uncountable. It’s time to know more about our food to build a healthy generation. This ‘Know Your Food’ series that is going to be published under ‘Articles’ will explore the food to which we are exposed everyday. Let the change in our food habits begin today!

Dal Palak Recipe

Dal Palak is a delicious and a nutritious blend of lentils and fresh palak. The flavour of this dish is wonderful and one of the reasons for that is the ghee. A true comfort food that makes you feel light yet filling when served with rotis!

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Arachuvitta Sambar Recipe

The flavor of this sambar is unbeatable. I love this sambar next to the pongal sambar which has a unique taste with a variety of vegetables in it. The fresh spices which are roasted and ground gives that authentic taste and the appetizing aroma to this sambar. This pairs up extremely well with rice and any vegetable on the side. Try and enjoy one of the best flavors of the South!

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Thattai Recipe | Thattu Vadai Recipe

Cooking is easy. But making traditional sweets and savouries requires culinary skills that can be picked up from the elders at home and acquired after a few attempts. Here I want to share with you what I have learnt about making thattai. Thattai reminds me of my grandmother who is one of the best cooks I have come across. She prepares mouth-watering delicacies with great ease. Murukku and Narthangai Pickle are her signature recipes. It has been 2 years since she left us. But her love will always be evergreen in our minds forever. Let’s come back to thattai now.

Thattai is one of the traditional snacks of Tamilnadu that is spicy and crunchy. It gets the name from the tamil word ‘thattal’ which literally means ‘flatten’. I dont like to shape the thattai with a cutter to make a perfect round. Traditional thattai with cracked edges and impression of the fingers of our mom and grandmother is nothing but a symbol of their love.

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Pagarkaai Pitlai Recipe | Bitter Gourd Pitlai Recipe

There are some dishes that we hate as kids. When you start developing a taste for them, it is a clear indication that you have grown up 🙂 Often this happens with the traditional dishes liked by many elders of the family. Pitlai is one of this kind for me.

My mom prepares delicious brinjal and bitter gourd pitlai which my dad loves a lot. When I was younger I hated even the smell of pitlai. But now this has become one of my personal favourites. This is a wonderful combination of bitter gourd, toor dal, black chana, tamarind and freshly ground spices. The spices are roasted before grinding so that it brings out the flavor of the spices even more. The perfectly cooked chana which pops up here and there makes it really enjoyable. This traditional south indian preparation is a must-try recipe which pairs up well with steamed rice. Try it out and let me know how it turned out for you.

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