Aviyal Recipe | Kerala Aviyal Recipe | How to make Aviyal

Aviyal – A traditional dish of Kerala prepared by simmering boiled vegetables in a coconut based curry seasoned with coconut oil.


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Pepper Button Thattai Recipe

Pepper Button Thattai – Crispy, crunchy and bite-sized peppery thattai that just melts in your mouth.

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Grease the grater before grating cheese/paneer so that they don’t stick to the grater.

To extract maximum juice from the lemon, put it in the hot water for a few minutes before extracting the juice.

Cauliflower Pepper Fry Recipe

Cauliflower Pepper Fry – An easy cauliflower recipe that is spiced up with pepper and makes a delicious accompaniment to rice.

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UrulaiKizhanghu Kara Curry | Spicy Potato Curry

UrulaiKizhanghu Kara Curry – Boiled potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices.

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Methi Tofu Recipe | How to make Methi Tofu

Methi Tofu – Tofu chunks cooked in a rich and spicy gravy with the unique aroma of fresh methi leaves and distinct flavor of kasoori methi.

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Know Your Food #2 : Fats

We have become more health-conscious these days. We have started to read the ingredients, expiry date and show a keen interest in knowing about the food products. There are a few terms which we come across in the commercials and the ingredients printed on food packets. Saturated fats, unsaturated fats, poly unsaturated fats and trans fats to name a few – What are they? Which is good? Which is bad? They leave us confused and thus we are unable to choose the right food. 

If you have these questions on your mind, then this post is for you. Information given here will help you identify good and bad fats. All concepts are not covered in detail.

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Tofu and Bell Pepper Salad | Salad Recipes

Tofu and Bell Pepper Salad – A healthy salad that is crunchy, chewy and rich in proteins, antioxidants and vitamin C.

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Coconut Green Chutney Recipe | Chutney Recipes

Coconut Green Chutney – South Indian style coconut chutney with the refreshing flavor of fresh mint and coriander.

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