Mint Coconut Chutney Recipe | Pudina Thengai Chutney

Mint Coconut Chutney – A delicious chutney made with freshly grated coconut and fresh mint leaves. It has a refreshing flavor with a slight tang of tamarind.

mint coconut chutney recipe

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Mushroom Dum Biryani Recipe

Mushroom Dum Biryani – Basmati rice cooked in dum with a delectable spicy mushroom gravy.

mushroom dum biryani recipe

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Paneer Kalimirch Recipe | Paneer Recipes

Paneer Kalimirch – Soft chunks of paneer simmered in a creamy curry that is strongly flavored with pepper.

paneer kalimirch recipe

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Effective home remedy for dandruff

A simple and effective home remedy for dandruff using coconut, castor and sesame oil. It helps to clear dandruff, even in size too small to be seen.

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Methi Paratha Recipe | Vendhaya Keerai Paratha

Methi Paratha – Goodness and distinctive flavor of fresh methi leaves in every bite and the subtle aroma of freshly ground ginger, garlic, green chillies make these parathas delicious and healthy.

methi paratha

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Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe | Banana Blossom Vadai

Vazhaipoo Vadai – Crispy and delicious vadai made with chana dal, vazhaipoo, onions, coriander leaves, curry leaves as main ingredients and spiced up with cinnamon, fennel seeds.

vazhaipoo vadai recipe

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Chettinad Thalicha Idiyappam Recipe

Chettinad Thalicha Idiyappam – Idiyappam flavored with buttermilk and seasoned with onions, red and green chillies.

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Ginger Rasam Recipe | Inji Rasam Recipe

Ginger Rasam – A spicy and appetizing rasam with the essence of fresh ginger root and which helps to ease our digestion after a heavy meal.

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Excellent Protein Pack for Hair Growth

A pack that stimulates the growth of new hair and strengthens the hair.

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Apply oil on your hands before cleaning & chopping plantain flower, jackfruit and raw plantain so that your hands don’t become black.