Malli Sadam | Coriander Rice

Malli Sadam – Flavor of coriander both in fresh and dried form make this rice extra special ! Serve with thayir pachadi and appalam for a satisfying meal.

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Green Peas Curry | South Indian Style Green Peas Curry

Green Peas Curry – A south indian style green peas curry made with roasted and ground coconut masala. It goes great with roti, steamed rice, dosa and idiyappam.

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Sour curd that cannot be used for cooking may be used for cleaning silver articles. Apply the sour curd over silver articles and keep it aside for 15 minutes. Scrub the silver articles gently with a brush and wash in water. They will shine bright !

If you want to cut only a small portion of a bell pepper, keep the stalk intact and start cutting from the bottom. The stalk keeps the remaining portion of the bell pepper fresh.

Fresh Grape Juice Recipe | Easy Juice Recipes

Fresh Grape Juice – A healthy and refreshing juice made with fresh, juicy grapes. Ginger adds a punch to this juice.

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Vendhaya Keerai Sambar | Methi Sambar

Vendhaya Keerai Sambar – A simple but flavorful sambar with slight bitterness and earthy smell of fresh fenugreek leaves.

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Thakkali Mor Kuzhambu | Tomato Mor Kuzhambu

Thakkali Mor Kuzhambu – A delicious curry made with tomato and spiced buttermilk as main ingredients.

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Salna Recipe | Vegetarian Plain Salna for Parotta

Salna – A spicy gravy that goes great with parotta.

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