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A hearty welcome to the library of my recipes – Recibrary.

I am Padmavathy, a software engineer turned blogger from Chennai. I live in New Jersey with my husband and my son.

Cooking  The one word that has the power and does the magic to transform the tired hours of my day into a super active phase within a second. I am totally in love with cooking and don’t get bored even if I talk/read/discuss about it for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was 8 years old when I experimented for the first time in kitchen. Since then my passion for cooking has evolved and it is increasing with each passing day.

Human body ! The Masterpiece of God ! A true wonder that is carefully designed by God and fueled by food ! I couldn’t stop myself from ending the phrases with an exclamatory mark. Isn’t it amazing to realize that the food prepared in your kitchen is fuelling the most complex machine of this universe?

I feel I am really lucky to be from the land of various cuisines – India ! Indian cuisine has an amazing concept and offers a wide variety of dishes to relish. Recibrary brings you tried and tested recipes from my kitchen and more. The recipes you find here will be vegetarian most of which are heavily inspired by the traditional South Indian style of cooking. You can also find vegetarian recipes from other cuisines of India and all around the world. You can have a glance at the recipe under the ReciCode section of each post. I hope that will be useful to check a recipe quickly which you had already gone through and also for the experienced cooks who do not need a detailed description. I have taken care to a great extent to ensure that the information shared in ReciBites section of each post is accurate. If you find anything to be wrong, feel free to contact me at recibrary@gmail.com.

Recibrary is a platform where I share all I know about food. I am not a professional cook neither am I a dietitian. I am a simple woman like you who keeps learning something new in cooking. Some people say only raw food is healthy. A few say a big no to even essential fats. Some eat very little and call it a diet. For me food is about mixing the right ingredients in the right proportion at the right time with a lot of love, cooking it to perfection, serving it with hospitality, satisfying the hunger of your dear ones and feeling happy on seeing a smile on their face ! As simple as that  Eat homemade healthy foods. Enjoy rich, buttery, creamy and spicy foods occasionally. Drink more water and exercise. Sleep well. Be happy and stay healthy!

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. If you have any doubts regarding any of my posts, feel free to contact me at recibrary@gmail.com. I will be glad to help you. Please do not reproduce any content of this website. Hope you enjoy while browsing through the pages of this site. 

Cooking is a great stress buster. It has no rules and no limits. Just do it your way.

Happy Cooking !


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  1. Way to go! I am sure this site will be beneficial for lots of cooking enthusiasts as well as amateurs. Thanks for posting tried and tested recipes that we have all enjoyed very much. Congratulations!

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