Know Your Food #2 : Fats

We have become more health-conscious these days. We have started to read the ingredients, expiry date and show a keen interest in knowing about the food products. There are a few terms which we come across in the commercials and the ingredients printed on food packets. Saturated fats, unsaturated fats, poly unsaturated fats and trans fats to name a few – What are they? Which is good? Which is bad? They leave us confused and thus we are unable to choose the right food. 

If you have these questions on your mind, then this post is for you. Information given here will help you identify good and bad fats. All concepts are not covered in detail.

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Know Your Food #1 : Ready-made Soup Mixes

It is getting colder with each passing day. It is that time of the year to stir up some soup to keep ourselves warm. Would you like to sip a hot bowl of soup now? If yes, take your pick here…

Fresh, healthy and nutritious vegetables – boiled, pureed and simmered with spices available at home.
Refined Wheat Flour, Dried Glucose Syrup, Acidity Regulator – 330, Acidity Regulator – 296, Flavour Enhancers – 627 & 631, Dehydrated Vegetables, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein – mixed with water and boiled.

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New! – Know Your Food Series

We are living in a fast-paced world where we don’t have time to eat or sleep. There is a drastic change in our eating habits over the past few decades. We are familiar with the features and configuration of the electronic gadgets that we use everyday. But not many of us know about the food that we eat everyday. Is it not worthy enough to receive that attention? Adulterated and unhealthy food that has entered into our food system are uncountable. It’s time to know more about our food to build a healthy generation. This ‘Know Your Food’ series that is going to be published under ‘Articles’ will explore the food to which we are exposed everyday. Let the change in our food habits begin today!

Benefits of eating food on a Banana Leaf

If it is a special occasion in India, especially in the southern states, food is traditionally served on banana leaves. Eating food on a clean green banana leaf is a custom that is followed even today. Tip of the leaf should be at the left of the one who is eating. It is cleaned by sprinkling water and then the food is served.

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Know Your Millets

Millet is considered to be highly nutritious and has remained a major staple food in cooking since time immemorial. Here is a list of some commonly used millets and their translation in Tamil, Hindi & Telugu.Know Your Millets