Sour curd that cannot be used for cooking may be used for cleaning silver articles. Apply the sour curd over silver articles and keep it aside for 15 minutes. Scrub the silver articles gently with a brush and wash in water. They will shine bright !

If you want to cut only a small portion of a bell pepper, keep the stalk intact and start cutting from the bottom. The stalk keeps the remaining portion of the bell pepper fresh.

Apply oil on your hands before cleaning & chopping plantain flower, jackfruit and raw plantain so that your hands don’t become black.

Sweet corn kernels shrink a little when cooked with salt. Cook them without salt to get plump and juicy kernels.

cooking corn kernels with and without salt

How to clean grapes?

The white substance on the skin of grapes might be bloom (a natural substance produced by grapes and it is not harmful) or pesticide sprayed on grapes which is definitely harmful when consumed. So it is safe to wash the grapes thoroughly to get rid of that white substance. 

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Grease the grater before grating cheese/paneer so that they don’t stick to the grater.

To extract maximum juice from the lemon, put it in the hot water for a few minutes before extracting the juice.


To prevent the curd rice from turning sour soon, a little chopped cucumbers can be added.

Don’t throw the lemon peels after squeezing out the juice. Put one peel in the water of the pressure cooker base. The inner parts of the cooker will shine bright!

Spices lose their flavor when exposed to heat & light. To retain their flavor, store in an airtight container and keep in a cool & dark place, preferably in a refrigerator.