Effective home remedy for dandruff

A simple and effective home remedy for dandruff using coconut, castor and sesame oil. It helps to clear dandruff, even in size too small to be seen.

I learnt this super effective home remedy for dandruff from my sister-in-law Sundari. I thank her for sharing this with me. I have learnt a lot of health and cooking tips from her. She got this tip from a beautician in our hometown. Additional information about this remedy is that it helps to clear dandruff, even in size too small to be seen. After receiving many positive feedbacks from my friends with whom I shared this tip and having tried this myself during winter, I thought of posting it here. You can count on this for treating dandruff and see visible results after the first wash itself. Here is what you have to do!

  • Mix coconut oil, castor oil and sesame oil in equal proportion in a bowl.
  • Place this bowl over hot/boiling water (double boiling) and let the oil become hot until you can handle the heat.
  • Apply this oil on your scalp and gently massage for a minute.
  • Dip a bathing towel in hot water and squeeze out the water.
  • Wrap it around your head as you would do after taking a head bath. This gives some warmth around the head and helps the oil to penetrate deep into the hair roots. The three essential oils make the hair stronger. 
  • Wash your hair with shampoo. Since the castor oil has high viscosity and sticky in nature, I prefer shampoo over shikakai powder (or any other similar product) to wash the hair.

Hope you find this information useful. See you all soon in the next post. Have a happy sunday 

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