Excellent Protein Pack for Hair Growth

A pack that stimulates the growth of new hair and strengthens the hair.

I learnt this excellent hair pack from my sister Manju. I thank her for sharing how to make this wonderful pack. I really love the way she takes care of her hair. I used to take care of my hair till my college days. It would be a different hair pack each week. I used very little shampoo occasionally to get rid off the nutty smell of some hair packs and always used homemade shikakai powder to wash my hair. I brought shampoos only to wash my white and black dresses. Yes! I mix a little shampoo in a bucket of water and soak my white, black dresses separately for a few minutes and then rinse them off well. I feel that adds a shine and a good smell. Wearing dresses with slight detergent smell makes me feel fresh all throughout the day 

I left all these rituals that I did for my hair when I left my home and went to Chennai for my job. Coming from a place where there is a generous supply of fresh water, I was really heartbroken to see the highly salted water that makes the hair very sticky. Though I had lived in Chennai before that, I was too small to analyse these things then. After marriage, life took a new path and there was no time for these kind of things. Now after having a kid, I dont even have enough time to sleep  I have made up my mind to do it all over again. Let me go to the main topic now 

This hair pack is full of proteins. It helps to strengthen the hair and stimulates the growth of new hair. It also makes the hair soft. Coconut adds shine and curry leaves prevent the hair from turning grey soon. Each ingredient added in this pack provides nourishment to your hair. If you have any problems related to headache and cold, I wouldn’t suggest this for you. So use only if it is suitable for you. Let us see the ingredients required for making this pack.

1/4 cup Green Gram
2 tsp Chana Dal
1/2 tsp Fenugreek
1/4 cup Grated Coconut
A handful of Curry Leaves

Wash and soak green gram, chana dal and fenugreek together overnight. Next morning, strain the water and grind to a smooth paste along with coconut, curry leaves. You can add water or milk (for extra nourishment) if required while grinding.

Apply this paste on your scalp and along the length of your hair. Let it not become too dry. When it starts to dry, rinse it off well with water. This pack leaves a nutty smell. So you can use a little shampoo at last to get rid off that smell. This pack can be applied once in two weeks.

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