Potluck Menu #1 : Padma Balaji

Posted by : Padma Balaji

Place : New Jersey, USA.

What’s the occasion?
Our f
riends get-together at Lavender Kingston’s home  Excellent food, fun and games after dinner remain evergreen in my memories.

Food : home-cooked

Guest Count : 8 adults, 2 kids

Menu :

Chicken Biryani, Onion Tomato Raita, Steamed Rice by Lavender Kingston.
Poori, Egg Curry by Usha Subash.
Gobi 65, Semiya Payasam by Preethi Shiva.
Vegetable Cutlet, Mixed Vegetable Soup, Curd Rice by Padma Balaji.
Potato Chips, Fruit Juice and Mini Thattai.

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